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The only thing for which I wasnt able to create a daily routine is washing my teeth.
We exchanged some e-mails, he was sad to have lost his.
Conditions are site pour rencontre coquine becoming more moderate just now.It does have occasional spins but basically it takes me to the right direction.Do you get frightened in these stormy conditions?In front of me, way above the exclusion border there are several icebergs drifting 5 icebergs to be precise.For Nandor Fa, conditions are not much better.Everything requires huge efforts.Im going their way so it will be crucial to keep the radar.Normally I do my job and no problem.Less is coming agains us, fundamentally theyve adjusted to the direction of the actual wind.
Im going to go 40 miles this way, then Ill gybe back.It is more active and slightly further east than expected, which has complicated the task of the Kiwi skipper.Now I have some wind again and I can start sailing, so things are coming together.Saint-Nazaire, ans, saint-Thomas, ans, saint-Molf, ans.It can only measure Apparent Wind, and then it calculates True Wind from that.Im sailing on starboard tack in this light breeze at 3-4 knots to S SW, at the same time the stream is taking me E NE, so my resultant speed is 1,5-2 knots.Fortunately I have no problems now, not that type of problems.Its a big loss, although hes not going to miss it now, only on the way up on the Atlantic. .Its gotten dark, I cant see anything.