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27 th, 1921) Apr.
19 th 1912 Performs at the Theatro da Republica in Lisbon for four days.(La Revista cinematografica, Nov.Further showings of already bought, yet unreleased films like Max et sa belle-mère or Max au couvent, also take place till the end of the year, albeit without the usual.-campaign.In preparation of his own CINÉ MAX linder Max was afraid the name might mislead the public into thinking, the cinemax had a privilege to show Linder-films.5 th 1908 The film L'obsession de les femmes célibataires k à la recherche pour un couple la belle-mère is shown at the cinematographo pathe in Rio de Janeiro.Une histoire magnifiquement stylisée et absurde de l'ère soviétique sur un fils qui trahit son père.Deux femmes aux prises avec leur passé.25 th, 1917) May 1917 Work at Essanay ends because of his illness.
À l'Olympia, which has «jamais vue jusqu'ici» never been seen before (Le Figaro, Apr.
24 th, 1910) Pathé Frères filmed the event and released it as Un cross-country original.
Une histoire d'amour, de passion, de sexe, de pouvoir et de pulsions meurtrières.16, 1912 The king of the film Max Linder, at a floret assault with master Lancho.Max had been secretly led from the train and brought into a hotel by the polish producer Mordka Towbin and only after a promise to split the earnings of the stage performances, was Max reunited with the 'official' representative Aleksander Hertz.With the producer Aet Laigu Monday.30 Cinématheque Demimonde / Félvilág (Hungary, 2015) directed by Attila Szász, drama, 88 min, eng subtitles Who killed Elza, the most well-known courtesan in Budapest?18 th 1908 "Max Linder is dying" the Parisian newspapers proclaim.L'histoire de quatre générations d'une famille de «fous» à travers le 20e siècle.14 th 1914 On the French national holiday, to which Max invited, among others, Gaby Deslys and Harry Pilcer into his villa in Varenne-St.View recherche pour couple adolescent all day view Download PDF, filter by: Country-Bosnia and Czech RepublicusaukraineUnited Kingdom Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia France Netherlands QatarVenue-AltrimentiAncien CinémaBrasserie le NeumünsterCameo Ariel Metzccrn (Salle.The conclusion of his tour of Italy is Naples.