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( millions) Federal Partner Program Activity (PA) Names of Programs for Federal Partners Total Allocation (from Start to End Date) Planned femmes matures à la recherche d'hommes à san cristobal Spending for 201112 Expected Results for 201011 Royal Canadian Mounted Police ibet See Link 1 ibet See Link 2 ibet See Link 3 Total.
Industry Canada manages the expansion and evolution of the BizPaL service and develops relationships among participating jurisdictions.
" "31 Implementation of the Species at Risk Act Mise en œuvre de la Loi sur les espèces en péril Environment Canada Environnement Canada 2000 2012 Name of lead department(s Environment Canada Lead department program activity: Biodiversity is conserved and protected Start date of the.Shared outcome(s The ECD component complements the September 2000 First Ministers F/P/T ECD Agreement.For instance, requirements for the aircraft used by enac to be used in air traffic were growing more stringent.Cafc is supported by other departments and agencies in administering the Firearms Act.Key areas include: Domain awareness Canadas surveillance and awareness efforts within marine areas; Responsiveness enforcement efforts in cooperation with all relevant police forces and security agencies; Safeguarding efforts to enhance the physical security of marine infrastructure or other critical infrastructure in or around marine areas;.Total Allocation (from Start to End Date). Recognizing that individual communities know their needs best, the program operates in a "bottom-up" fashion, with the flexibility for municipalities and First Nations to identify their own infrastructure priorities.Fonds sur linfrastructure municipale rurale 23,2 0,8 Total : 253,2 45,3 Résultats prévus :. .
Initiatives Outcomes: short and long-term benefits to Canadians.
Formalized partnerships Nom de l'initiative horizontale : Partenariats pour les compétences et l'emploi des Autochtones Nom de ministère responsable : Ressources humaines et Développement des compétences Canada Activité de programme du ministère responsable : Compétences et emploi Date de mise en œuvre :.
In addition to the base benefit of the Canada Child Tax Benefit, which is targeted to both low- and middle-income families, the National annonces de couples au venezuela Child Benefit Supplement provides extra income support to low-income families with children.Résultats partagés : Le gouvernement du Canada tient son engagement de garantir laccès aux études postsecondaires en réduisant les obstacles financiers aux études postsecondaires grâce à loctroi dune aide financière aux Canadiens admissibles.The initiative also includes a First Nations component.La même année, le Cabinet a approuvé la prolongation de la sflt pour permettre la mise en œuvre d'initiatives récentes, l'achèvement de l'évaluation sommative et l'analyse d'options quant au rôle que le gouvernement fédéral pourrait jouer à l'avenir dans la lutte antitabac.Description of the Horizontal Initiative (including funding agreement The goal of the Federal Strategy on Early Childhood Development for First Nations and Other Aboriginal Children, announced in October 2002, is to address the gap in life chances between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children.Titre de l'initiative horizontale : Fonds pour la paix et la sécurité mondiales ( Tableau 37 : Fonds pour la paix et la sécurité mondiales (en millions de dollars) Table 37: Global Peace and Security Fund ( millions) Federal Partners Federal Partner Program Activity Names.